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Vocal Artist
Dr. LaShonda Mays has many voices from doing children's books, internet radio, commerical, narrator and spokesperson, and much more.

She does audiobooks intro to podcast, radio show, education videos, and much more.
Special Education
20 year veteran in Special Education
8 years of Applied Behavior Analysis work.
Assist with behavior management in academic, in-home therapy sessions, perform behavioral intervention plans, and social emotional growth groups.

Some of the other service provided are
IEPs and meetigs
ABC data and training
ABA training staff
Behavior Program Creation
Let's Get Stategic Internet Show.
Join us every Saturday at 10 AM CST Facebook live. This show will give you steps to transform you overall lifestyle so you can success to the next level.

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Transformational Speaker and Coach
LaShonda is currently a 5 year Toastmaster and a certified Les Brown student who have exemplify orator and visionary leadership gifts.

Communication Skills: Motivational, Inspirational Transformational, Education, Keynote, Storytelling, Public Relations, Social Media, & Event Preparation.

Leadership Skills: Goal Setting & Planning, Delegations, Time-Management, Organization, Coaching, and Mentoring One on One or group settings.
Development Strategies
Personal, professional and business development is essential to growing oneself or a group of people.

Single, group, family, couples and business goals should be setup through Goal Setting and D.R.E.A.M. Boards workshops and events.
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